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Your Praise is a Weapon

God has a way of doing great things when we least expect it. The same God that delivered Daniel from the Lion's Den, can have an unplanned baby raised by a single mother who dropped out of school, grow up to go on to medical school, to become a doctor that delivers babies for a living. Only God can take tragedy and turn it into to triumph. If you know God can turn your mourning into dancing why not hold on to His word and praise God in advance?

With the resurgence of the Coronavirus, we are missing out on precious moments. No matter how much you zoom--a baby shower, wedding, graduation, and especially church-- is nothing like the presence of being close to the people most close to you. But God, God's presence is always with you.

We need God to have the discipline to develop other disciples in order for us to defeat what we are up against. Jesus has power over everything. His name breaks chains. Anything with a name must bow to his name. You ought to dance just because you know His name--Jesus.

Today, we must dance, praise and worship just because. We must constantly be confident Christians. Train up a child is surreal in a world where the people we pay to protect us purposely murder us and get off with fear as a defense. Raising black men in America takes Faith to overcome the constant legitimate fears that are ever so present. The joy of dancing is a reminder that through it all God is still present.

With mixed messages on how to defeat a deadly virus, who do you lean on? We must lean on the everlasting arms of God to stay lifted during a time where death is all around us. Faith in the one, the only one who defeated death will help you to sacrifice a huge celebration to avoid a virtual funeral service.

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning and through the mourning you must chose joy. Smile behind that mask to encourage those struggling with the decision to save a life by thinking about how God has saved your life. Psalm 30:11 reminds us, “Lord you have turned my mourning into dancing.” We must be steadfast and true to his word because if he did it before he will do it again.

When we worship, social distance doesn't stand a chance against a Holy Ghost party because a Holy Ghost party don't stop. We can't stop praising God. This is the 4th quarter in the Super Bowl of Praise and there's somebody who needs you to get a praise through.


Rick Dorn

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