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  • Rick Dorn

The Blood That Reaches Back

Updated: Apr 22

Sometimes we feel distant from God. We're ashamed of our mistakes, worried we've messed up too badly for His forgiveness, burdened by the feeling that we're constantly disappointing Him. But here's the glorious truth: grace is bigger than any of that. The blood of Jesus speaks of a relentless love that pursues us even when we run in the opposite direction.

Relentless Love

The Bible says, "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us" (Romans 5:8). His love wasn't dependent on us getting it right; it was offered freely, even while we were His enemies. That same relentless love reaches for us today, no matter how far we feel we've drifted.

The Power of Response

We gotta reach back, even with a tiny flicker of faith. Pleading the blood of Jesus isn't a magic incantation; it's a heart response. It's saying, "God, I believe your love is big enough even for me. I believe in the cleansing power of Jesus' sacrifice. Forgive me, restore me, draw me close again."

Breaking the Shame Cycle

Shame wants to isolate us, convince us we're too broken for connection with God. Pleading the blood breaks the shame cycle. It reminds us that Jesus already paid the price for our mess ups, our past mistakes, and our flawed hearts. It invites us to step out of guilt and back into the light of unburdened relationship with our Savior.

The Constant Invitation

The blood of Jesus isn't just about salvation. It's the constant invitation of a loving Father who calls us back to Himself over and over again. Maybe you've been a Christian for years but have strayed from actively seeking Him. Perhaps you feel completely unworthy to even think about spiritual things. The blood of Jesus speaks a better truth over your circumstances. There's no limit to how many times we can reach back, no sin too great for His grace to cover.

The Takeaway

The blood of Jesus reminds us that God's love reaches for us relentlessly. There's always hope, always a way back, always forgiveness waiting for those who turn their hearts towards Him. The blood bridges the gap we can't cross on our own, offering restoration and a fresh start to anyone who reaches out in faith.

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