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Let God, Order Your Footsteps

When you let go, and let God lead you, you don’t have to worry about reaching your destination because if it is in his will, it will be done. God is a way maker, a miracle worker, and a promise keeper. God does not block what’s meant for you to prosper. He opens doors and clears purpose driven paths for you to reach your destiny. That doesn’t mean the road will be easy but trust and believe with God on your side there’s no obstacle that you can’t overcome.

They say, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” You have to find humor in thinking an all knowing, all powerful, all seeing God doesn’t know the desires of your heart. The Bible encourages not to lean on our own understanding because we can easily be influenced by the ways of the world. So, why seek validation from the world, when greater is already in you? Sometimes it may not seem like things are going your way, this is when you have to remind yourself that God’s way is better.

I want to encourage you to never doubt God’s Calling over your life. More importantly, if you don’t hear God don’t answer. Do not listen to temptation. Don’t answer to anxiety. Hang up when doubt calls. Most of all block and silence fear.

Faith is the absence of fear and the substance of things unseen. Sometimes when you are tempted to quit just call his name. Yaweah! Emmanuel! The Prince of Peace! Jesus! Before you become anxious, remember, everything with a name must bow. Call his name and then tell it to get behind thee. Call out what ever is making you nervous by its name and let it know that God’s got it. Don’t doubt, do it. Begin to pray. When you meet God half the way, he will meet you in the middle of a prayer and provide a sign that you can do it. Think about the goodness of God and what he’s already done for you. Thank him for waking you up this morning. Allow everything God has done for you throughout the day be worthy of giving God glory. Have faith to over come fears. Take steps in the direction God revealed in prayer, build up the courage with praise, motivate yourself with worship, and reach your destiny by living The Word. God Called us to go out and spread The Word, and there’s no better way to lead then leading by example. You will never have a problem getting that new job if the company can see the company you keep continuously helps you to get the job done. Your dream career is already a part of you, God has already made plans for you to write that book, now you must allow the greater within to guide you where you need to be.

Proverbs 16:9 says, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” Stop telling your plans, and start talking to God about your plans. When you know God has plans for you, walk by faith and not by sight, and let Jesus be the way, truth and the light that guides you to your destination. Focus on God, focus on The Call, listen, and know it’s worth fighting for, and find comfort in in knowing that the battle is not yours, it’s the Lords.

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