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Part 2: Get Back Up Again!

In my last post, we talked about getting back up again when we dropped the ball on our weight loss journey.

The truth is, I really dropped the ball over the holidays. Of course, it’s not the first time I have done it. I just can’t believe I have done it again.8 lbs to be exact. Some might think it’s not that much, but to me, I feel every pound of it. It took me months to lose that weight and like a blink of an eye gain it all back!

I mentioned how we need to keep our eyes on Jesus and gain our help from him when we are weak, or when we have failed! Time to take my own advice once again.

Today, let’s go over some strategies that will help us stay the course in weight loss.

Dream! The first day, I want you to act as if you already lost that 20 or 30 pounds you desire. Walk-in it. How would you maintain it? Think of the most doable ways for you to maintain all that you have lost!

Get your swag on! Operate in the same confidence you would feel 20 or 30 pounds lighter. Confidence actually gives us the courage to continue on with our goals.

Small change, equals big change! Start doing small changes in your eating habits. Replace that high-calorie drink with a lower calorie drink. Watch what you are putting inside of you. Start reducing the intake of bad high-calorie foods.

On days you feel extra tempted and feel like you will completely cave in, HOLD ON. Drink a glass of water. Load up on some healthy, Whole Foods. Give yourself 20 minutes. After that, if you still want what you wanted to eat half or a quarter of it.

Pray. The Lord cares about all of our weaknesses. We can cast ANY care upon him because he cares for us.

Just remember many aspects of life are very much like running a marathon. You pace yourself. You’re not trying to beat your own record or anybody else’s! When considering these strategies add them at your own pace. Readjust at your own pace for long term success.

Share with the community. What helpful weight loss or weight management strategies have worked best for you?

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