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Letter to #TheAdorns: "Don't Give In to Anger, Give It to God"

In a matter of days, the world saw an unarmed black man murdered by his neighborhood watch for looking suspicious while jogging, witnessed “Karen” use her white privilege to threaten the life of a black man who asked her to obey law that required dogs to wear a leash as he bird watched in Central Park, and we felt the pain of a black man murdered on TV with a knee to his neck by the police all while being quarantined under the conditions of a deadly global pandemic.  It is only natural to have a whirlwind of emotions while dealing with the challenges of the world today.  I am here to tell you that we do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but principalities.  In this case, anger maybe the natural reaction, but Ephesians 4:26 says “If you become angry, do not let your anger lead you into sin, and do not stay angry all day.”

In the video for my new single “Great Things,” Darius was on the verge of losing his cool after he loss his job.  You could see the anger and frustration building.  This is an all too familiar experience for black men in America.  Consequently, black men are labeled as “The Angry Blackman,” so we cannot even properly express our natural reactions to bad news.  Keep in mind, as a black man, Darius, also has to deal with negative stereotypes, racism, and systematic racism every day.  Losing a job is legit grounds to be angry.  But God.  God teaches us “to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,” in James 1:19. 

Today, my prayer is for anyone that feels the temptation of anger sprouting out of their soul to weed it out and plant the seed of hope in your heart.  Darius had reason to be angry, but what would that have accomplished if he took his anger out on his family?  What if he got in a car accident?  What if he got into a fight with a stranger? 

In these times of uncertainty do what Darius did—Pray.  From 10:00 am to 10:30 am you could focus on anger, you could yell, you could try and drink away the pain, or you can do something positive.  You can exercise. You can focus the energy on a productive idea.  You can sacrifice time speaking to the youth. You can give back to your community.  How you use 30 minutes can make a huge difference in your life.  30 minutes devoted to anger could lead to needing bail money.  It could cause you health problems.  It can cost you your life. The Great Thing about God is his grace, his mercy and his favor.  As a result, if you meet God half the way, he will cover the other half, and give you double for your trouble.

In the video, Darius received a job offer by remaining faithful.  I want to encourage #theadorns out there to not be angry but to give it to God.  This week I challenge you not to waste potentially positive energy on anger, but instead give, pray, sacrifice, and give it to God.  I assure you that this insurance will be the blessed assurance for God to do Great Things in your life—This Week.


Rick Dorn

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