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"Great Thing" Right Under Your Nose

Family. Probably, one of the GREATEST things God is doing right now, is bringing family back together. Many of us might think “I was around my family before this pandemic happened”. It is not just about being “around” them, it is the togetherness at the table. Deeper conversations. Gut laughter and watching old movies. Relying more on one another, and of course praying together.

Those moments spent thinking “I am so glad all my people are still here”, brings about a deeper appreciation. Togetherness from the heart and mind is the “Great Thing” the Lord is doing. Mighty works, can He do in the context of family togetherness.

Now, with that in mind, what comes next? Let us receive a fresh vision for our family unit’s. Together, we can discover the mission, power and purpose of those God gave to us and how He wants to use us within family, out into the world.

If you are not sure what God is up too in your family, it’s OK! Sometimes it is a process of discovery and the fun is putting the pieces of the puzzle together, as you enjoy one another.

I am praying that we all receive wisdom from the Lord, on how to cultivate the “Great Thing” right under our noses.

If you have had a chance to listen to my song “Great Things”, invite you to do so here, and then apply to as many contexts as you can.

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